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I am a photographer, was a photographer and always will be a photographer.


That's why it is rather strange that most of my life photography was a hobby and not a professional calling.


Even as a child cameras were the in thing. My dad had an 8mm film camera. 

With that camera I once made an animation from one of our sunday lunch dishes, which I was supposed to have cleaned and hadn't. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.


So the whole family (3 sisters and my parents) went out after lunch and I had to clean up. 

To mix pleasure with business I created a stop motion animation of all the dishes marching on their own from the table to the kitchen sink. They got dunked, dried themselves and off to the cupboards. What a way to clean up, it took hours and hours and loved every bit of it.


From then on cameras were my life and even though I loved film, photography stole my heart and never looked back. However it was only in Australia in the early seventies when I bought my first SLR.


Now that digital has arrived my dream has been fulfilled shooting as much as possible, not only shooting photo's, but the digital darkroom has opened infinite possibilities and with my own large format art printer the cycle is closed. This is the ultimate in photography. Shooting, post processing and then printing. 


Total control over the outcome of your initial vision from viewfinder to paper. Not that I have total control yet and I don't think I ever will, but to me there has never been a better time for a photographer, even though this digital era has only just began.


My style of photography is in the image the way it presents itself to me at a particular moment. 

I see the light and I read the mood. With that in mind I apply a post finish that compliments that image in a honest way, hopefully creating a piece of art that is unique to each piece. That style is applied across the board. It doesn't matter if it is portrait, family, weddings, little people, landscapes or mechanical.


That's why it is still a hobby.


Where to from her. 

I have now learned that a camera, even a good camera stands in the way of a good picture. Even the best cameras in the world will not be able to capture an image according to your minds eye. 


That's why I have infested a huge amount of time in learning digital dark room processing and the art of printing. These disciplines complete the cycle. It is my sincerest opinion that as a photographer you need to become a master of all these disciplines, so that once, after having gone through the whole process you are not holding a picture in your hand, you are holding a piece of art, which I have created and finished.


All my images I print therefore carry my personal guarantee. No third party is involved in this process, nothing is outsourced and because of the high level of craftsmanship applied to these prints, each image naturally is printed on very high quality paper only. 

These papers are fine art papers and are of museum archival quality, so nothing stands in the way of the highest final result. I don't publish second best.


If for any reason after this process you are still not happy with it, then I offer this absolute no questions asked money back policy. In the end I understand that we are all different (photography is the ultimate prove of that) So if it is not to your taste it wasn't meant to happen and you will receive your money back.


Thank you for taken some time to read this.


Warm regards



Filip Krygsman
Filip's Photography